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Hi,everyone, i'm new here....
Hi,everyone, i'm new here...I wanted to get some suggestion from you guys...On 9th Jul, i'll be going to YiWu from Hangzhou . So, when i reached at Hangzhou Xiao Shan airport I'm planning to take shuttle bus to downtown of Hangzhou city, from there i'll take cab to East train station and take trai to YiWu. But i read from net that the airport shuttle bus will pass by train station named "cheng zhan".So, is there anyone who can answer question of below:
1) "cheng zhan" is East train station?
2) by cab,how many min from Hangzhou Wulin men to East train station ? roughly,how much?

Hope to get these answer soon since my trip will begin on 9 Jul.Thanks a lot.


By: Fion at Jul 6, 2008 - 6:57
Hangzhou Chengzhan is a bus stop and it's not Hangzhou East train station. You can take bus K518 from Chengzhan to Hangzhou East.

Xiaoshan Airport (by shuttle bus) -> Chengzhan ( by K518)- > Hangzhou East, this route is the best. Or you can take taxi from the airport directly to Hangzhou East train station, it's a way of half an hour and around RMB100.

By: Ken at Jul 7, 2008 - 23:20
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